Wednesday, 4th April 2018: You need to walk in divine revelation!

Scripture Reading: Gen 26:2
And the LORD appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of:

Reflection: Isaac is noted to have encountered uncommon progress while he lived in Gerar, a Philistine neighborhood. Right there, he became very wealthy and lived a life of wealth, becoming more and more wealthy. One of the reasons which accounted for this was the instruction he received from God. Initially he lived in Lahairoi but the threat of famine caused him to move to Gerar. While in Gerar, he planned to migrate further into Egypt, but God appeared to him and asked him to remain where he was. This divine revelation ensured that he did not miss his providential step into greatness and wealth. He would have missed it all. Anybody seeking to be great in life certainly must walk in divine revelation. Divine revelation brings you crucial information from God which helps you to take the right decisions in life.

Prayer: Oh Lord reveal to me every line of action I must take in life so I do not miss out on uncommon progress.

Confession: I walk in divine revelations. I do not miss what it takes to live a life of uncommon progress!

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