Wednesday, 2nd March 2022: One of the tactics of your enemies is to concoct stories to discredit you!

Scripture Reading: Act 17:7
Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus

Reflections: For three consecutive sabbath days, Paul preached the gospel to the people of Thessalonica. All he did was explain to them that Jesus had to suffer and rise from the dead. Many were convinced and gave their lives to Christ. Some Jews immediately became envious of the success of the ministry of Paul. They could not bear to see the crowd that followed Paul and Silas. They, therefore, gathered some thugs and instigated them to cause trouble that would frustrate the work of Paul. They claimed Paul opposed the emperor’s decrees by saying another king—Jesus. This narrative about the challenges faced by Paul tells us that often our enemies will seek to initiate steps to discredit us. To be discredited is to have your reputation dented or harmed. Once this happens, you will lose favour, and people will turn against you. It is essential, therefore, to ask God to destroy any mechanism available that your enemies can use to discredit you.

Prayer: Oh Lord, let stories concocted to discredit me by those who envy me fail to yield the desired results.

Confession: I refuse to be discredited in life. The God of all truth will always vindicate me.