Wednesday, 26th September 2018:Every secret shall be uncovered and judged.

Scripture Reading: Rom 2:16
In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

Reflections: Paul makes us understand that the things that men do in secret is listed among that which will be judged by God. The Greek word translated ‘secret’ is ‘kruptos’. It implies that what ‘is hidden is not actually taken out of existence, but merely hidden from sight of men and that what ‘one does in secret still carry the full weight just as those done publicly’. This suggests two key things worth noting. The first is that what is secret to man is simply bare before God. Secondly every secret agenda is driven by either a good or bad motive which merits judgment. In the light of these, it is important to watch what motivates you to keep or do something in secret. Every secret shall be uncovered and judged!

Prayer: Dear Lord, May I be only motivated to keep or do something secretly as long as it is a spirit led motive.

Confession: I keep or do something in secret only when it does not go against the standards of the word of God

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