Wednesday, 24th May 2023: Take up your role as an ‘anointed Prophet’ of God!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 105:15
Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

Reflections: The Psalmist narrates the history of Israel and observes that throughout their voyage, God referred to them as his prophets and anointed ones and restrained people from harming them. Why would God address everyone in Israel this way? While to be anointed is to be consecrated, being a prophet is to, first and foremost, speak God’s word to people under the influence of His Spirit, calling them to covenant faithfulness. Therefore as anointed prophets of God, Israel was mandated by a divine calling to bring people and nations to the knowledge and the worship of God. As a covenant child of God, like Israel, you must also step into your role as an ‘anointed prophet of God’. Speak God’s word to people and bring them to the saving power of Jesus Christ and to the knowledge of growing and becoming rooted in Him. As you avail yourself, the Spirit of God will bring you under His influence and use you mightily.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me function in my prophetic role of bringing people to know you and your ways.

Confession: I am a carrier of God’s message to people.