Wednesday, 24th May 2017: You can make it without defrauding, bribing or oppressing people!

Scripture Reading: 1Sam 12:4
And they said, Thou hast not defrauded us, nor oppressed us, neither hast thou taken ought of any man’s hand.

Reflections: Samuel entered the priesthood as a little boy. Now he is old and getting ready to exit. He convenes a meeting. What he requests to be done as part of this meeting takes his people by surprise. They were to testify as citizenry, whether or not during the tenure of his office as priest, he defrauded, took bribes or oppressed people. Their response was a big no! What an unusual way of preparing to exit an office. It speaks of a man who understands and wants to reiterate in the minds of people in or interested in leadership that leadership is not an opportunity to defraud, take bribes or oppress people. Samuel made it without these three vices. We can make it too! Get on track like Samuel with any tenure of leadership you assume. The heavens and your generation will be glad you did! Receive grace from above!

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me to live my life without defrauding, bribing or oppressing people.

Confession: I will be a leader without involving myself in Defrauding , bribery or oppression of people.

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