Wednesday, 23rd February 2022: Faith is turned on when you do what God asks you to do!

Scripture Reading: Luke 17:19
And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole

Reflections: Ten (10) lepers outside the city cried out to Jesus for healing. In His response, Jesus asked them to go and report to the Priest. On their way, they realised they had been healed. Their skin had no more signs of leprosy. One of them however returned to show gratitude to Jesus. In his interaction with Jesus, he was made to understand that his healing had taken place as a result of his demonstrated faith. Since this man together with his 9 friends had acted on the basis of the instructions of Jesus, it points to us that faith is therefore an indication of a positive and immediate response to the word of God. Faith is thus turned on when you do what God asks you to do.

Prayer: Dear Lord, give me grace to do whatever you say!

Confession: I do what God says no matter what. My faith is perpetually turned on!