Wednesday, 22nd December 2021: Align yourself with people who observe divine rules in life!

Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:19
Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.

Reflections: Mary was engaged to Joseph. He is described as a ‘just’ man. Translated from the Greek word ‘dikaios’, to be ‘just’ speaks of someone who observes divine rules. From what transpired between the two, we gather that it is always important to align yourself with someone who observes divine rules in life. In the first place, Joseph kept his relationship with Mary pure. He never touched her sexually as most people would have done. Secondly, when he found out that Mary was pregnant despite the purity of the relationship they had endured, he planned to leave the relationship secretly. This was to ensure that Mary will not be disgraced publicly. Most men would have done the opposite. Later when he was informed by an angel that Mary’s pregnancy was of divine order, he relinquished his plan to quit the relationship and held on to Mary. Indeed Joseph proved by his actions and reactions that his lifestyle was indeed shaped by divine (righteous) rules. Like Mary, learn to align yourself with people such as Joseph who will always observe divine rules in life! They are the ones who will yield to the voice of God concerning your life and help you on your path of destiny. Merry Christmas in advance!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me disengage myself from wrong associations in life.

Confession: I align myself with people who observe divine (righteous) rules in life.