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Wednesday, 20th November 2019: Move into action if you want to see results!

Scripture Reading: Acts 3:8
And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

Reflections: The man was born lame from birth. Completely helpless, he always sat at the gate to the temple asking for money. This had been a lifelong beggary lifestyle until Peter and John stood by him one morning. He thought they were about to give him monies just as everybody had been doing. Shockingly Peter told him they had no money but would only give him what they had. Shortly afterwards he heard Peter commanding him to rise and walk in the name of Jesus. When he was found not to be yielding to the command, Peter reached out to him holding his hands and pulled him up on his feet. In the process, he realized he had been truly healed and began to jump about, praising the Lord. He realized for sure that as long as he had remained seated after the command to rise, nothing happened. What a great lesson he had learnt. It served as an example to others who will need a change in their conditions in life. They definitely would have to move into action in order to see the results that their faith can produce. Faith without works truly remains dead-James 2:14. Move into action if you want to see results!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me back my faith with action so I can see results.

Confession: My faith is responsive with actions. I encounter miracles!

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