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Thursday, 10th November 2016: Don’t downplay the pursuit of perfection in life!


Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:28
Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.


Reflection:  Jesus admonished his disciples to pursue perfection in life. He told them to be perfect just as God is. The Greek word ‘ telois’ translated in English as ‘perfect’ means completeness. It is used in various applications regarding several areas such as labor, growth, mental and moral character, etc. It speaks of a faultless end product. It is the action of putting or doing things in a way that ensures that what you have done is flawless and faultless. Perfection is therefore simply doing things devoid of faults, flaws or defects. When you pursue it, it improves the quality of your life and causes you to excel. Everyone who claims to be righteous according to the words of Jesus must pursue perfection in life. Job is a classical example. He is described as a righteous person who is ‘perfect and upright’ in the land of Uz ( Job 1:1). Don’t downplay the pursuit of perfection in life. Apart from distinguishing you as an achiever with blameless character in life, it confirms your right standing with God. It is time to pursue perfection in all you do!

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me pursue perfection in life.

Confession: I will not downplay the pursuit of perfection in life. I aim for perfection in all I do in life.


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