Wednesday, 19th April 2023: Never, ever look back when you don’t have to!

Scripture Reading: Luke 17:32
Remember Lot’s wife

Reflections: Lot resided with his family in Sodom. An angel of God requested their departure from the city. The angel instructed them not ‘look back’ (turn around) as they fled quickly. Lot and his daughters followed closely behind. But his wife, who lagged behind everyone else, disregarded the instructions and turned around. She became a “pillar of salt” instantly (Genesis 19:26). The Hebrew for “looked back” is more than a simple backward glance. It means “to regard, evaluate, and pay close attention. This suggests that Lot’s wife cared about the property she was leaving behind in Sodom, and this may have prompted her to glance over her shoulder, which cost her dearly. You must be cautious about what you regard or focus on in this existence. It can cause you to disregard God’s instructions for your life, which can be extremely costly. Never, ever look back when you don’t have to!

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to focus on only what you approve.

Confession: I take into account what God approves and reject what he disapproves.