Wednesday, 12th April 2023: Avoid having an elevated opinion of yourself!

Scripture Reading: Luke 14:8-9
When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him; And he that bade thee, and he comes and says to thee, Give this man place, and thou begin with shame to take the lowest room.

Reflections: Although seats were made available for all wedding attendees , some had been reserved for special guests. But once the people arrived, they all hurried to the reserved seats. Each of these guests clearly thought highly of themselves. Jesus observed their behavior and, because they had not considered the prospective implications, he opted to bring it to their attention. He warned them that if they were later requested to vacate their seats for those who had properly been assigned to them, they would be in an awkward situation. We can deduce from Jesus’ lecture that having a high opinion of oneself can be costly since this can influence your decisions and bring undesirable outcomes. Accordingly, it is preferable to remain humble and to be directed by such modesty when you interact with people and situations. Avoid having an elevated opinion of yourself.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to cultivate a life of humility.

Confession. I avoid thinking highly of myself.