Tuesday, 8th August 2023: Sometimes you have to do it all alone!

Scripture Reading: Mark 14:41 And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.

Reflections: Jesus knew the time had come for him to face the pain and humiliation of the cross. He required strength to endure this destined ordeal, so he asked his three disciples, Peter, James, and John, to support him with their prayers. However, during the prayer session, Jesus discovered that these strategic teammates had fallen asleep three times, leaving him to pray alone. Although he woke them up on each occasion, they fell asleep again. Nevertheless, Jesus refused to be disheartened and finished the prayer session alone, gaining the resilience he needed for the task ahead. Although we are created as dependent beings, the harsh reality is that sometimes, like in Jesus’ case, we may have to go through it alone, despite the letdowns from our destiny’s helpers. It will serve a purpose, and God will be there for us. Sometimes, we have to do it all by ourselves!
Prayer: Oh Lord, give me strength to deal with challenges I will face alone!
Confession: I have strength to deal with challenges I will have to face alone!