Tuesday, 7th November 2017: Be an Agent of Change!

Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:21
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.
Reflections: Following the fall of man in the garden of Eden, the world plunged into sin and its effects (Romans 3:23). A change event was required to restore man. This could not be orchestrated by man. It had to therefore come from the Divine. God chose to have Mary conceive and give birth to His son Jesus who will die to break the power of sin and bring total deliverance to man. Mary responded affirmatively to the plan of God and therefore became an agent for divine change. As much as God will always bring about a divine change to reverse adverse conditions in lives, there will always be the need for people to act as agents to bring about that needed divine change. Mary reminds us to position ourselves as agents for Divine Change so that God can use us anytime He so desires. Let the story of Mary motivate you to live in ever readiness to be used by God as an agent for Divine Change. Be an agent of change!


Prayer: Oh Lord, make me an agent for divine change

Confession: I am an Agent for Divine Change. I am used by God to bring about positive change in people’s lives.

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