Tuesday, 6th June 2023: To achieve success in life, you must exhibit initiative!

Scripture Reading: Judges 5:7

The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.
Reflections: When Israel won the war against King Jabin, Deborah and Barak, the commander of the Israelite army, composed and sang a song in God’s honor to commemorate their victory. A significant portion of the lyrics captured Deborah’s role in the victorious conflict and established an important lesson for anyone who desires to achieve success in life. The lyrics indicated that Israel’s towns did nothing and were unable to act until Deborah came to their assistance as a mother. This implies that Israel’s fate remained hopeless until Deborah took the initiative to lead Israel into battle, especially after Barak, out of fear, refused to do so. Initiative is the capacity to start doing what is necessary with the expectation that it will continue and produce the desired results. It is a trait that demonstrates a willingness to complete tasks and assume responsibility without feeling intimidated or incapable. You will never achieve your ambitions or aspirations in life unless, like Deborah, you take the initiative to pursue them.
Prayer: Dear Lord, enable me to take initiatives in life.
Confession: I take initiatives in life.