Tuesday, 6th February 2024: Supernatural power won’t help if we’re lazy, indecisive, or complacent!

Scripture Reading: Joshua 8:26 For Joshua drew not his hand back, wherewith he stretched out the spear until he had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants of Ai.


Reflections: God told Joshua to point his spear at the city of Ai. This action elicited divine aid. As a result, when Joshua’s soldiers entered combat, they began to overwhelm the warriors of Ai. Although God did not specify how long Joshua should have his spear extended, he did so until his warriors had completely defeated the men of Ai. Joshua demonstrated his determination, attention, and refusal to succumb to fatigue by holding his outstretched spear indefinitely. The narrative reminds us that even with supernatural might at our disposal, we cannot prevail if we become complacent, lazy, or indecisive. Like Joshua, we must remain committed to our position in any project until it is accomplished.


Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me maintain focus and determination in all I do.

Confession: I do not tolerate Complacency and laziness.