Tuesday, 5th July 2022: Be the TRUTH that springs out from the earth!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 85:11
Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

Reflections: Men live on earth while God is noted to dwell in heaven. The Psalmist indicates that as TRUTH springs forth from the earth, the heavens will respond with RIGHTEOUSNESS. This suggests that the lifestyle of earthly men will indeed engage a response from God, who dwells in heaven. The Hebrew word EMETH, translated as TRUTH, helps us understand what this lifestyle is all about. It denotes something faithful, sure, stable, and firm, as opposed to something unreliable and unstable. In context, it is the sustained ability to be honest or truthful . It points to conformity to an ethical and moral character by men. RIGHTEOUSNESS from its Hebrew rendition TSEDEQ on the other hand, as applied to God as His response towards men who are TRUTHFUL represents the idea of making accessible to men the blessings that accrue from having conformed perfectly to what is right. The bottom line, therefore, is that as you conform to an ethical and moral character as driven by divine standards, you will attract a divine reward that distinguishes you on earth. Be motivated to be the TRUTH that springs out from the earth!

Prayer: Dear Lord, let me be the TRUTH that springs up on this earth.

Confession: Out of my life springs forth the TRUTH that provokes the heavens to bless me.