Tuesday, 27th March 2018: You are never intended to be lazy in life!

Scripture Reading: Gen 2:15
And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

Reflection: It was indeed a delightsome garden to live in. It had all the resources that Adam will ever need in life. As God placed him in this ‘custom designed environment’ he was admonished to ‘dress it and keep it”. The word ‘dress’ in hebrew means ‘to work’ while ‘keep’ means ‘to guard”. So, much as Adam had been provided everything he will ever need, those needs will only be met as he works with the available resources. This implies that Adam was designed with the capacity to be productive. He was not created to be lazy and to be spoon fed. The word productive describes a person’s capability to do a lot of work out of what is available to meet needs. As it stands, as a human being, you have been designed with the capacity to be productive in life. God expects you to ‘dress’ your environment and to ‘keep’ it. You are never intended to be lazy in life!

Prayer: Dear Lord, please enable me to live a productive life.

Confession: I am productive in live.

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