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Tuesday, 24th October 2017: You can prevent your untimely death!

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 3:23
And the king lamented over Abner, and said, Died Abner as a fool dieth?

Reflections: The death of Abner, Commander of King Saul’s army came so unexpectedly and untimely. He had just left David’s presence after having promised to help establish David’s kingship. David was broken as he led the procession to bury Abner. He wept bitterly over his death. In his dirge, he sung’ should Abner have died as a fool?’ How revealing this statement is! In other words Abner could have prevented his untimely death. He should have been guided by his ‘military wisdom’ to have seen through the diabolical plan of Joab to escape danger. (2 Sam 3:26-26). When we apply wisdom to life’s situation, we can also prevent our untimely death and any looming calamity. Remember, You don’t have to believe everybody you meet. They may have hidden diabolical plans. Just be cautious as you meet and deal with people in life. It is wisdom. By it you can escape any untimely death or calamity. The Lord grant you this wisdom and preserve your life!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to apply wisdom to life’s situations.

Confession: By wisdom I will not be taken unawares in life. I will not die before my time.

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