Tuesday, 21st November 2023: Besides praying, work hard and prove to be trustworthy.

Scripture Reading: Dan 6:3 Daniel distinguished himself among all the administrators and regional authorities, because he was of an extraordinary spirit. Therefore the king planned to appoint him over the whole kingdom.

Reflections: Daniel was one of the three chief administrators appointed by King Darius to oversee the 120 regional authorities in the kingdom. This was a significant accomplishment for him, and he was determined to excel in his duties. He worked diligently and proved trustworthy, avoiding involvement in corruption or neglect of his responsibilities. The king evaluated the performance of all the administrators and regional authorities and found that Daniel had distinguished himself as the most outstanding among them. As a result, the king planned to promote him to a higher position. The story of Daniel teaches us that success and promotion in life are not solely dependent on divine favour. It also demands hard work and the demonstration of trustworthiness. So, besides praying, it’s essential to work hard and demonstrate your credibility.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me emulate the virtues of diligence and dependability.

Confession: I model the virtues of diligence and dependability.