Tuesday, 1st August 2023: God will provide!

Scripture Reading: Numbers 21:16-18 And from thence they went to Beer: that is the well whereof the LORD spake unto Moses, Gather the people together, and I will give them water. Then Israel sang this song, Spring up, O well; sing ye unto it: The princes digged the well, the nobles of the people digged it, by the direction of the lawgiver, with their staves. And from the wilderne, they went to Mattanah

Reflections: During their journey through the wilderness, the Israelites faced a water shortage and had no sight of any nearby sources. Their survival was at risk. Thankfully, Moses listened to God’s voice and was assured that water would become available soon. Following God’s direction, Moses led the people, and the leaders used their wooden staves to clear the bushes. The action seemed like they were digging a well, and to their surprise, they discovered one with fresh water. They knew that God had supernaturally dug it out for them. Overjoyed, they drew out the water and drank, and to honor God, they spontaneously composed and sang a new song. Just like the Israelites, if your survival is threatened, God will also dig a well for you. He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider!
Prayer: Dear Lord, lead me to my well of survival
Confession: God provides for my needs.