Tuesday, 15th March 2022: The Lord will remember you!

Scripture Reading: Psa 112:6
Surely he shall not be moved forever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.

Reflections: The Psalmist states that despite any adverse condition that the righteous will go through, they are sure to encounter divine remembrance. This indicates that out of the remembrance, help to reverse the adverse condition will pour forth. ‘Remembrance’ is translated from the Hebrew word ‘Zakar’. It implies an act of bringing someone to mind, accompanied by a demonstrated show of love and help. The Hebrew concept of ‘remembering’, therefore, always goes beyond the ‘thought stage’ to include an ‘action’ that favours and turns around the situation of the one being remembered. The conversation between Joseph and the chief butler in Genesis 40:12-15 demonstrates this. Joseph told the chief butler to remember him when freed from prison. He wanted the butler to talk to Pharoah on his behalf so he would be released from prison too. As a righteous person, don’t ever forget that the Lord will remember you!

Prayer: Oh Lord, remember me!

Confession: The Lord acts on my behalf to favour me. He remembers me!