Tuesday, 14th March 2023: Despite your restrictions, do not limit God!

Scripture Reading: Genesis 11:30
But Sarai was barren; she had no child.

Reflections: Before Abraham made a covenant with God and became Israel’s founding father, he married Sarah, who was infertile. With the formation of his covenant bond with God, God promised him a son who would fulfil the covenant pledge. This suggests that God chose Sahah’s womb to conceive the promised child even though He knew she was barren. Per His word, the moment came when Sarah, despite her infertility, gave birth to Isaac. While this suggests that man is acquainted with impossibilities, it resoundingly reveals God’s illimitable power to overcome any constraint placed on men. This is why you should never use a limitation in your life as an excuse to avoid a divinely bestowed mission. God is more than capable of reversing that situation. Despite your restrictions, do not limit God!

Prayer: Dear Lord, Despite my limitations, I will not limit you!

Confession: God is limitless.