Tuesday, 12th September, 2023: God will empower you to overcome any challenge!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 18:29
For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall

Reflections: David faced several difficulties aimed at preventing his ascension to the throne. It was incredible that he could endure King Saul and his army’s unrelenting attacks for nearly eight years. Despite all odds, David triumphed and was eventually anointed king after Saul’s death. David credited his achievement to God, who had helped him to conquer every adversity and break free from all opposition. He described his victory as being able to “run through a troop and leap over the wall,” indicating his ability to overcome any obstacle and progress toward a season of rest and fulfilment. Like David, God will empower you to overcome every challenge and emerge as a victor!

Prayer: Oh, Lord, empower me to overcome challenges.

Confession: I am empowered by God to overcome any challenge.