Tuesday, 12th Jan 2016: Corruption by flattery is in practice!

  Scripture Reading: Daniel 11:32 KJV And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploit.
Reflection: The prophetic lens of Daniel gives us the opportunity to see how the Anti-Christ will one day employ a key strategy to get people to sin more and to perform his will. The strategy is labelled as ‘corruption by flattery’. It simply means to entice by smooth talking and making of fine promises. Thus by this action, the Anti- Christ will entice (corrupt) people to work for him. This strategy as we can see has been an old tool of the devil.There have been instances where, to get people to address the special interest of others, they are suddenly favored and promised or given good things. Sadly, sometimes they hardly know they are only being used for a selfish purpose. Corruption by flattery is in practice! Be watchful. Get to know why people will suddenly favour and make fine promises to you. It may be a ploy to get you to do what is contrary to the will of God. Remember! those who know their God, as Daniel concludes, shall be strong to withstand this strategy! They shall do exploits!

Prayer: Lord make me strong to withstand corruption by flattery.

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