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Thursday, 4th August 2016: The freedom we have received in Christ Jesus is not meant for us to do whatever we want but only what God desires!

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:5
For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles,


Reflection: Paul served as an Apostle of Jesus Christ and referred to himself as such in the various epistles he wrote to the churches. It is interesting to note that he also referred to himself as a Prisoner ( Ephesians 3:1,5,Philemon 1:1,9), a title many will not like to adopt today. Paul definitely knew why he personally called himself as such and obviously sought to convey a message to the church. Paul had served prison sentences before and knew very well the condition of prisoners. One of such conditions is that ‘Prisoners were limited in their freedom’. In this sense ‘they are bound to only the liberties that were allowed them’ by the prison authorities. In this wise a prisoner could only do what he is asked to do and not what he wants. As a prisoner in Christ Jesus, Paul is ‘bound to Him and is at liberty to do only that which Jesus wills. Clearly, the freedom we have received in Christ Jesus is not meant for us to do whatever we want to do but only what God desires. This is confirmed by Paul to the Galatian church when he asked them to remember that even though they have been called unto liberty, they should not use it as an occasion to the flesh ( Gal 5:13). It is time to also see and call yourself a Prisoner in Christ Jesus!!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I understand that I am a prisoner in you. Help me to use the liberty I have in you only to do what your will is and not what I want.

Confession: I am a prisoner in Christ Jesus. I am bound to Him and I have liberty to do only what God wants. God is glorified in my life.


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