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Thursday, 30th March 2017: God will confront your accusers!


Scripture Reading: Job 42: 8-9
Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job. So Eliphaz the Temanite and Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite went, and did according as the LORD commanded them: the LORD also accepted Job.

Reflection: Job had suffered unfriendly words from his three friends which plunged him into further misery. His friends visited him once again but this time around, it was not to chastise him with words. Under divine conviction, they had come to offer sacrifices and to render apologies to him for wrongfully accusing him. God had confronted them and THREATENED to deal with them harshly if they didn’t do this. When your accusers in life are confronted by God, they will change their mindset concerning you. Indeed, God will confront your accusers in life.

Prayer: Oh Lord, let my accusers come under divine confrontation.

Confession: All false accusers in my life will encounter a divine confrontation which will change their mindset concerning me.


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