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Thursday, 2nd April 2020:Let nothing stop you: Rejoice always!


Scripture Reading: 1Th 5:16 Rejoice evermore.

Reflections: In his letter to the Thessalonians, Paul reminds them of their salvation, their focused expectation on the return of Jesus Christ to take them to heaven and finally how this event of rapture will ensure that they escape a season of intense tribulation that will come upon the earth when the anti-Christ is revealed. Following this, he tells them to rejoice evermore. Rejoicing even though it means ‘to be full of cheer, calmly happy, and well off‘ is therefore derived from our recollection of ‘what the next life will be like, when we will dwell with Jesus in Glory, and in knowing that we are saved from the tribulation to come’. It is a state of mind that you must not loose. It will carry you through life circumstances until we meet with Christ in the air when He takes us to our eternal home. Rejoice evermore! Let nothing stop you!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for engineering a state of irreversible joy in my life.

Confession: My life is automated to remain in a joyful state. I rejoice always!

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