Thursday, 26th May 2016: Being mediocre in your response to the word of God will surely limit the glory you must encounter!

Scripture Reading: John 2:7
Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.

Reflection: The servants at the wedding were simply instructed by Jesus to fill the water pots with water. They complied and to their utter amazement, the water turned into wine! A critical look at their response to the instructions of Jesus reveals an important principle of life which anyone who wants to see the fullness of God’s glory must abide by. They did not only fill the pots but they did so to the brim! They were not given specific instructions as to the level to fill. They could have filled it half way or a bit to the full but they refused to adopt a mediocre approach. Mediocre is ‘something that is just average, or not very good’. Undoubtedly, whatever level of water the servants had chosen to fill the pots up to would have been the same level of wine they would have received. You must have the urge that causes you to go beyond the ordinary in what you do for God or in response to his word. Remember the story of Joash, King of Israel and his encounter with Elisha ( 2 Kings 13:14-19). He could only enjoy limited victory in his wars against Syria just because he was mediocre in his response to the prophetic word. When told by Elisha to prophetical shoot arrows to the ground to signal his victory over the Syrians in the spirit, he did so only three times. ‘You should have have shot about 5-6 arrows’, Elisha told him afterwards. Watch out! Being mediocre in your response to the word of God will surely limit the glory you must encounter.

Prayer: Lord, please help me go all out in my response to whatever you tell me to do.

Confession: I will not take a mediocre approach when it comes to my response to God’s word. I will go all out and and beyond. I will see the fulness of his glory!


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