Thursday, 26th March 2020: Watch out: Don’t allow yourself to be provoked in life!

Scripture Luke4:3 And the devil said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread.

Reflections: Jesus, as led by the Holy Spirit, undertook a forty day fast. At the end of the fast, he became hungry. The devil had all along been monitoring Him and knew this was the best time to strike. He moves into action by first of all cajoling Jesus to validate His claim as the son of God by turning stones into bread to satisfy His anger. Clearly this action proves to be provocative and points to the use of provocation as a major tactic of the devil in his subtle dealings with men. To ‘provoke’ is to stimulate somebody into action either through excitement or irritation. The devil is indeed good at using this tool and one has to watch out for it. When he wanted to get David to sin for instance, he provoked him to go against the divine order of not counting the army of Israel (1Chronicles 2:1). No matter who you are, the devil can get you sidetracked from the will of God by provoking you either directly or through others. The only way out, like the case of Jesus, is to discern this tactic when it is deployed against you so you do not succumb to it. Watch out: don’t allow yourself to be provoked in life!

Prayer: Oh Lord, give me grace never to succumb to the provocative tactics of the devil.

Confession: I don’t yield to provocations. I keep to my divinely ordained path.

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