Thursday, 24th September 2020: You will have access to your destined heights!

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40:4. Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:
Reflections: Valleys, mountains, hills, crooked and rough terrains figuratively speaks of obstructed access to a fulfilled desire. When Isaiah prophesied about the coming of Jesus Christ to the earth to save mankind years before it came into fruition, he also noted in the prophecy that the pathways to the fulfillment of the divine promise will be cleared of every obstruction. While the valleys will be elevated to the plane level, the mountains will be leveled to fall in line with the plane. Equally, the crooked and rough parts of the road will be straightened to commensurate to the level of the plane surface. Absolutely nothing was going to have the capacity to stop God’s word from com8ng to pass. The implication of this for your walk of faith is that although obstructions can be available to get in the way of the attainment of your destined goals in life, the power to have them removed has been made available to you. With God nothing can obstruct your life from encountering ordained fulfilled desires! You will have access to your destined heights!
Prayer: Oh Lord by your power, let obstructions on my pathway of progress be removed.
Confession: I see the valleys, mountains, hills, crooked and rough terrains on my path of progress cleared.

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