Thursday, 22nd June 2017: Don’t ever accept to remain in any fallen state of life!

Scripture Reading: Micah 7: 8
Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.

Reflections: Figuratively, ‘To fall down’ means to fall to sin or to fail to meet the desired expectation. Too many people are unable to rise up again after falling to sin or failing to meet expectations in life. Much as they live with regrets, they fail to stage a come back. This is because they think it’s all over with them. The prophetic voice of Micah with the word ” if the righteous man falls, he will rise up again’ seeks to correct this mentality. It tells us that we have what it takes to stage a come back whenever we fail in life and that when we do so, we silence the rejoicing of our enemies. Thus God designed you with the capacity to lift yourself up again from any fallen state of sin or life’s expectations. It begins by getting back to God in prayer either for forgiveness or for the necessary divine intervention. Don’t ever accept to remain in any fallen state of life! God has made it possible for you to rise again! Glory to God!

Prayer: Lord I thank you that if I fall, I can rise up again. I am not meant to remain in any fallen state.

Confession: I will not allow my enemies to rejoice over me. I will not remain in any fallen state in life. I have what it takes to rise up again should I happen to fall or fail in life.

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