Thursday, 18th January 2024: Ignore the actions of those who despise you and move on!

Scripture Reading:1Sam 10: 26-27
And Saul also went home to Gibeah; there went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched. But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save us? And they despised him and brought him no presents. But he held his peace.

Reflections: The populace shouted “God save the King” as Saul’s elevation to the throne was announced. While many people backed him, others refused to recognise him as their King and even refused to bring him gifts. However, rather of allowing the situation to tear him down emotionally, Saul chose to ‘keep his peace’. Keeping your peace entails disregarding the presence of a problem or issue. People will sometimes try to make you feel unneeded in life. If you choose to worry about their actions, you may lose focus and become emotionally distressed. Instead, follow Saul’s example. Ignore the actions of those who despise you and move on.

Prayer: Oh God, thank you for grace to disregard my detractors.

Confession: Those who despise me cannot stop me from moving forward in life.