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Sunday, 5th June 2016: You are called to inspire people to do positive things only!

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 10:24
And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Reflection: The Hebrews writer voices out one of the marks of a Christian – provoking somebody unto good works. To provoke in this instance is to inspire. To inspire means to influence somebody to believe they can do something and by so doing they are moved to take the needed action. Thus you have been given a role by God to inspire others to do what is right and not what is wrong! How wonderful the world will be if we are able to inspire each other unto good works! Right behaviors in demonstration will be the order of the day and God will be glorified. The wake up call has sounded- consider influencing people positively only. This is one of the signs that you are of God. Indeed you are called to INSPIRE people to do positive things only!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to be the source of inspiration for people to be moved to do what is right in life.

Confession: I am called to inspire people to do positive things only. I will not provoke people to do what is bad.


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