Sunday, 23rd October 2016: Don’t ignore warning signs in life!

Scripture Reading: Eziekiel 33:5
He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.


Reflection: The prophet Eziekiel had a message from God for his people. The message underscores the importance of paying attention to warning signs in life. According to the prophetic message, no calamity will hit Israel without a prior given warning sign. Before enemies would be allowed to invade Israel, a sentinel or a watchman will be made to see this afar off and consequently made to warn the people about the coming danger. The sentinel or watchman will indicate this through a specific trumpet sound. Whoever heeds the warning sound shall escape but those who will not be bothered about it will have themselves to blame. It is time to take warning signs in life seriously. Apart from warning signs pertaining to our spiritual well being, there are signs that speaks about impending danger to our health, academic/ professional careers or vocations, marriages, relationships etc. You can’t afford to treat those signs lightly. Your readiness to respond to warning signs has a direct impact on your survival and success in this life. Don’t ignore warning signs in life!

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to discern and to appropriately respond to all warning signs in life.

Confession: I will not ignore warning signs in life. I will never be taken unawares in life.


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