Saturday, 2nd April 2022: You cannot breakthrough in life if you are not confident!

Scripture Reading: 1 Sam 17:31
And when the words were heard which David spake, they rehearsed them before Saul: and he sent for him.

Reflections: The Philistines warred against Israel. Their champion, Goliath, the giant, ranted daily against Israel, putting great fear in them. When David arrived at the camp of Israel’s military force, he heard the voice of Goliath, cursing and challenging Israel. He realised that any time Goliath spoke, the soldiers of Israel backed off and tried to run away. He was, however, not moved in the least. He decided to take on Goliath and asked to be informed of the reward package given to the one who succeeds in killing the giant. He stunned everyone. He proved to be full of CONFIDENCE! Confidence is ‘the conviction that an outcome will be favourable’. Without it, you can never take initiatives in life that will propel you to greater heights! Marcus Garvey was right when he said, ‘with confidence, you have won even when you have not started’. Like David, be driven by confidence in life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, make me fearless in this life. Let my Confidence level increase.

Confession: I am full of confidence. I can do all things through Christ!