Saturday, 1st October 2016: Don’t ever let God hide his face from you!


Scripture Reading: Deut 31:18
And I will surely hide my face in that day for all the evils which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned unto other gods.


Reflection: God reveals the future of Israel to Moses. It was bleak. The day and the hour was coming when Israel will go wayward serving other gods. This will cause God to hide his face from Israel. Great evil will visit Israel but in those moments God’s face will remain hidden. Hiding of the face of God is a phrase which speaks of God withdrawing from divinely intervening in the affairs of his children. When this happens any opposition against the lives of his children succeeds. It signals the presence of defeat and a life of subjugation and reproach. A typical example of this was the humiliation Israel suffered at the battle of Ai. Prior to this, they had been victorious with their military campaign against Jericho in a highly phenomenal manner. God ‘showed his face’ and the entire walls of Jericho had broken down into pieces at the mere blasts of trumpets and shouts ( Joshua 6:20). The defeat at Ai happened because Achan went against the will of God (Joshua 7:1-11). It is important to continue to yield to the will of God in our walk with God. This will ensure that God will not hide his face from us in the day of trouble. Don’t ever let God hide his face from you. You cannot afford to let this happen to you. Keep walking in his will.

Prayer: Oh Lord remember me in your mercy and show me your face. Don’t hide your face away from me.

Confession: I will keep to the ways of God. God will not hide his face from me. Divine intervention remains my portion.


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