Saturday, 19th May 2018:Don’t just ‘swallow’ everything you hear!

Scripture Reading:Job 34:3
For the ear trieth words, as the mouth tasteth meat.

Reflections: It is true that the ear was made to hear just as the mouth was made to eat. Elihu, Job’s friend however draws our attention to something we often overlook. The mouth, he notes, does not just eat anything available. First of all, it moves to taste before proceeding to eat. If it discovers the taste to be bitter or poisonous, it is sure to reject what it has been offered. This phenomenon is also applicable to the function of the ear when it comes to it’s listening mandate. This is what Elihu sought to drive home clearly. He captures it nicely with the words ‘For the ear trieth words, as the mouth tasteth meat”. By implication, the ear also operates with an assessing ability and it must be allowed to operate as such. Thus Elihu‘ s overriding conclusion is that, it is wrong to be gullible in life. You must always assess what you are told or what you hear to determine its legitimacy or factuality. By so doing you will save yourself from a lot of troubles. Don’t just ‘swallow’ everything you hear!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me assess what I hear before reacting.

Confession: I evaluate what I hear before moving into action.

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