Saturday, 18th March 2023: Learn to examine yourself frequently!

Scripture Reading; 1 Cor 11:28
But let a man examine himself, so let him eat that bread and drink of that cup.

Reflections: On the eve of his betrayal, which ultimately led to his death and resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ instituted a covenant meal ceremony, now commonly referred to as the ‘Lord’s Supper’. All Christians are to partake in this meal as frequently as possible to remind them of the essence of Christ’s death and resurrection. Paul emphasises the significance of self-examination in preparing one to eat this meal. The word ‘examine’ is translated from the Greek word ‘dokîmázô’, which means “‘to test, prove,’ with the expectation of approving. To decide whether or not something is worthwhile, one must therefore engage in the process of reflection and self-evaluation. This is what will assist you to avoid sin so that you do not arouse God’s wrath while partaking in the covenant meal. In general, since the goal of self-evaluation is to discover insights that guide one’s next course of action, it is imperative to make this principle a part of your day-to-day lifestyle. It will allow you to uphold moral standards and assist you in continuing to excel and succeed in life. Learn to examine yourself frequently!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me maintain the practice of examining myself from time to time

Confession: I maintain the practice of examining myself from time to time.