Saturday, 10th December 2022: The divine court of justice’s decision is final!

Scripture Reading: Daniel 7:26
But the judgement shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end

Reflections: Daniel had a vision of the end of the world. He saw the ascent to power of ten kings who will subjugate the people of the earth. The last of the kings radiated superior authority. He will have the intestinal fortitude to speak out against God and wear down God’s saints. Despite the fact that it appeared like his reign could never be challenged, John witnessed a sight that altered this status quo. He witnessed a celestial court session with judicial proceedings held in heaven. On the throne of Judgement sat God, the Ancient of Days. As soon as He passed judgement, the authority of the king was swiftly removed, annulled, and destroyed forever. It became obvious that no power other than God’s is ultimate. No matter how powerful your foes may be, when the heavenly court renders a verdict in your favor, their rule will come to an end. The divine court of justice’s decision is final.

Prayer: Oh Lord, let the court of heaven rule in my favor!

Confession: The ruling of the divine court of justice is final.