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Sometime back I went to the Kaneshiemarket ably fit only to be bundled in a taxi and brought back home.While shopping I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left leg and within five minutes I couldn’t walk again.


My husband and I prayed and anointed the leg and I was rushed to cocoa clinic late in the night.It was as if my leg was being roasted on fire. The heat was unbearable. The doctors could not explain what was happening. The next day, upon my insistence, Pastor Abraham was called over to pray for me. He rebuked the source of the attack. When I awoke the next morning, the burning sensation had disappeared. The doctors continued with their care over my swollen legs. I remained resolute that that the Lord had healed me. Indeed, as I stand here today, you can all see I am totally healed. The God of W.O.T saved me and destroyed the satanic attack on my life.

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