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Preserved from accident by the anointing oil

Very strangely, Pastor visited my family and I one Sunday afternoon. He had in his hands his personal anointing oil which he had used to pray over someone before coming to my house. He prayed with my children and I and interestingly handover the oil to me as a gift. When he left I anointed the whole house and went to lie down in my bedroom. Shortly afterwards I fell into a trance and saw my little daughter in a vision crossing the street alone and was knocked down by a car. When I came out of the vision, I called my daughter, anointed her  with the oil and warned her never to cross the street alone. Days after, without my knowledge, she was sent across the road by her friend. Only God knows what would have happened if a stranger had not held her hand and helped her to cross the road. I give glory to God for seeing ahead of my daughter and canceling the plans of the enemy!

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