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Monday,1st January 2017: Make a difference in someone’s life!

Scripture Reading:1 Sam 3:8-9
And the LORD called Samuel again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me. And Eli perceived that the LORD had called the child. Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, Go, lie down: and it shall be, if he call thee, that thou shalt say, Speak, LORD; for thy servant heareth. So Samuel went and lay down in his place.

Reflection: Little Samuel was divinely billed to become a notable Prophet of God in his generation. His life and ministry was going to help bridge the gap between God and his people. He hardly knows about this as he gets ready to sleep. Three times a voice calls him. On all occasions, he thought it was Eli, High Priest of Shiloh calling him but Eli told him he was not the one. Based on experience, Eli quickly discerns that the voice was that of God. He does not withhold this vital information from Samuel. He tells Samuel what to do and by that counsel, Samuel was launched into his prophetic ministry. Samuel could now commune with God regarding the nation. Eli made such a difference in Samuel’s life by serving as a willing destiny counselor in his life.. Like Eli, seek to make a difference in someone’s life this year. Happy new year!

Prayer: Oh Lord, please enable me to make a difference in someone’s life.

Confession: I am enabled to make a difference in people’s life.

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