Monday, 9th May 2022: Work hard, and don’t compromise on your trustworthiness!

Scripture Reading: Daniel 6:4
Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom, but they could find none occasion nor fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him.

Reflections: King Darius appointed 120 regional authorities over his kingdom. He further appointed three chief administrators over the regional authorities. Daniel was one of them. He so distinguished himself that the king planned to promote him again. This infuriated his colleagues. They, therefore, plotted to bring him down. Their line of action was to bring allegations of dereliction of duty against Daniel, but they could not find any charges of corruption. Daniel was just faithful (trustworthy), and therefore no evidence of negligence or corruption could be found against him. Trustworthiness refers to one’s ability to be relied on as honest or truthful. Like Daniel, your level of trustworthiness in life will always neutralize allegations made against you. As you work hard, don’t ever compromise on your trustworthiness.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me work hard and remain trustworthy.

Confession: I work hard, and I hold on to my trustworthiness.