Monday, 4th December 2023: Ignoring negative remarks people make about you will enable you persevere to the end!

Scripture Reading:Job 16:2
I have heard many such things: miserable comforters are ye all

Reflections: Job sought solace from his three friends during his time of disaster. However, rather than bringing solace, they proved to be the polar opposite. They sympathised with him at first, but soon began to chastise him, even accusing him of wrongdoing as the basis of his condition. In response, referred to them as miserable comforters and claimed that their tactics were nothing new. Miserable comforters are people who will allude reasons to your predicament and even accuse you falsely. By making this statement, Job refused to be troubled by their remarks, demonstrating one of the ways to withstand suffering. It is critical to realise that false opinions and charges levelled against you by others during times of trial are nothing new and do not reflect God’s viewpoint. This information should drive you to persevere to the end.

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me ignore negative remarks people make about me.

Confession: I keep moving; I ignore negative remarks people make about me