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Monday, 2nd January 2017: God will come to your rescue!

Scripture Reading: Genesis 12:17
And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife.


Reflection: When Abram arrived in Egypt, he hid the identity of Sarai as his wife. He believed that because of her beauty, the Egyptians may end up killing him. The unfortunate however happened in another format. Pharoah believing that Sarai was his sister proceeded to take her away from him. God had to come to the rescue of Abram. Before Pharoah could touch Sarai, He began to afflict Pharoah and his household with terrible diseases. The affliction was such that Pharaoh got to understand that his annexation of Sarai was the reason. Quaking with fear, he had to release her immediately. How happy Abram was to get his wife back untouched! What belongs to you cannot be taken away from you. Ask God to plague those who forcefully take away what is rightfully yours and see what happens! God is the righteous judge! He will come to your rescue!

Prayer: Oh Lord, plague those who forcefully take away what is rightfully mine until they return it.

Confession: Those who take what is rightfully mine will suffer afflictions until they return what they took. I will not be cheated in life.


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