Monday, 28th September 2020: God will sort you out!

Scripture Reading: Genesis 29:31. And when the LORD saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.
Reflections: Leah, through no fault of hers was given to Jacob to marry instead of Rachel her sister. It was a deceptive plan hatched and implemented by Laban her father to get Jacob to work for him for another seven years. Under the circumstances therefore Jacob could not bring himself to love her even though they were legally married. All his affection was legitimately focused on Rachel and this affected the emotional stature of Leah. There was nothing she could do to save her situation but unknowing to her, God had seen the entire saga and had come through for her with an irresistible plan. While God ensured that her womb bore a total of 4 sons, that of Rachel was kept closed. By this divine initiative, she was sorted out to equally attract and access the love of Jacob, her husband. Like Leah, you may be hated in life by people but God will sort you out with an irresistible plan. Yes, God will sort you out!
Prayer: Oh Lord, remember me like you did in the case of Leah. Where I attract hatred, let there be a divine irresistible initiative to reverse it.
Confession: Cases of hatred against my life are terminated  by God! I enjoy divine favor!

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