Monday, 25th July 2022: Your ability to praise God should not be limited by people’s opinions!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 113:1
Praise ye the LORD. Praise, O ye servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD

Reflections: We are encouraged by the Psalmist to praise the Lord. There are several Hebrew words translated as praise. Each term indicates a particular way of praising Him. In this context, the Hebrew word ‘Halal’ is translated as praise. It means to “shine (or flash brightly), boast, to praise, to act like a fool or madman’. A typical example of this praise was what was offered by David when the ark of God was transported from the house of Obed-Edom to the temple (2Sam 6:16-23). We note that he leapt and danced in a way that seemed despicable to his wife. He looked like a madman or a fool to her. Halal is, therefore, an expression of your physical body boasting of the greatness of God in a way that may make you look like a fool to others. The critical lesson with halal is that you do not allow peopl’s opinion to limit what you can do to express God’s greatness. Praise the Lord!

Prayer: Dear Lord, may I not be intimidated to limit the extent to which I can express your greatness anytime I praise you.

Confession: My ability to praise God cannot be limited by people’s opinions.