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Monday, 24th August 2020: Delete ‘MISERABLE COMFORTERS’ from your life!

Scripture Reading: Job 16:1-2
Then Job answered and said, I have heard many such things: miserable comforters are ye all.
Reflections: Job found himself surrounded by troubles and calamities. In that condition, he looked forward eagerly to words of comfort and inspiration from his friends but the contrary took place.  On arrival, the words of his friends even hurt him the more. They made him so miserable that he labeled them as ‘miserable comforters’. ‘Miserable comforters’ in essence are those people you expect to comfort you during your difficult moments but end up speaking and bringing up issues which worsens your plight. By calling them ‘miserable comforters’, Job sought to resist them. He was no longer going to entertain them in his presence! When you entertain ‘miserable comforters’ in your life, you will be down spirited and will not make a headway. Like Job you must be strengthened in your spirit to resist and turn them away from your life. Delete  ‘MISERABLE COMFORTERS’ from your life!
Prayer: Oh Lord, keep my life away from miserable comforters.
Confession: Miserable comforters will never find their way into my life.

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