Monday, 23rd January 2023: There is always a proper time to do a task!

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 30:25
The ants are not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.
Reflections: Ants are social insects with fascinating qualities that are worthy of emulation. The Psalmist mention that one of these characteristics is their ability to store food during the summer. Summer is the most suitable time for crop harvesting and storage. In recognising this season and utilising it appropriately, ants are shown as a species that appreciates the significance of time and knows when to execute their plans to reach their objectives. This is a fundamental life principle to stick to. Everything occurs in time, and there is always a proper time to do a task. Ignoring the significance of time and the appropriate times to act will predispose a person to a lifetime of difficulties. Learn to be time-aware like the ant, and most importantly, recognise the optimal times to undertake actions that will safeguard your future!
Prayer: Dear Lord, help to be time-aware.
Confession: I discern the correct times to initiate actions.