Monday, 21st March 2022: Maintain focus and determination in all you do!

Scripture Reading: Joshua 8: 13, 26
And the LORD said unto Joshua, Stretch out the spear that is in thy hand toward Ai; for I will give it into thine hand. And Joshua stretched out the spear that he had in his hand toward the city. For Joshua drew not his hand back, wherewith he stretched out the spear until he had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants of Ai.

Reflections: God instructed Joshua to point out his spear towards the city of Ai. His men then moved into battle as God’s power backed their actions. They began to overpower the men of Ai. The victory was imminent. Even though God did not specify how long Joshua should keep his spear stretched out, he still held on to that position until his men had utterly overpowered and killed the men of Ai. By continuously holding on to his outstretched spear, it became clear that Joshua refused to give in to tiredness and remained determined and focused. Divine power may back you, but you still cannot win in this life if you give in to complacency, laziness and irresolution. Like Joshua, hold on unflinchingly to what you discern as your role in any given assignment until it is all over.

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me maintain focus and determination in all I do.

Confession: I give no place to Complacency, laziness and irresolution.